Basic Arabic lessons for beginners

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    Mohamed Essam Bakry il y a 3 ans

    When you find yourself interested in learning a new language or in need to learn one, it might be confusing and hard to figure out where to start from, Alphabet? Grammar? Vocabulary? Phrases? Pronunciation? Where should I start?

    Don’t you worry, Community of babel is here to help you ease your way into learning Arabic. We provide Arabic lessons for free in four different variations of the Arabic language: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Egyptian Dialect, Gulf Dialect (Saudi dialect), and Levant Dialect (Syrian dialect). Once you pick the variant you are most intrigued by, choose the level you find yourself in, and you can finally take your first step into your Arabic language journey!


    Arabic lessons beginners level:

    Experts divided language levels from A (absolute beginners/basic language users) to C (proficient language users), our target here is the A1 level. Our goal is to be able to understand Arabic and use very basic and easy words and phrases and interact with people using the Arabic language in simplified form. For starters, let me introduce you to basic Arabic phrases (mainly in MSA), I will include the word/phrase written in Arabic, transliteration, and translation:


    Basic Arabic greetings:

    السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم - assalamu alaikum – Hello

    أَهلًا – Ahlan – Hi

    صَباحْ الخِير - sabaah Al khair – Good morning

    مَسَاء الخِير - masaa' Al khair – Good evening

    مَعْ السَّلامَة – ma'aa as-salaamah – Goodbye

    إِلى اللِقَاء  - ela al liqa' – Bye (until next time)

    تُصْبِح عَلَى خِير - tisbeh 'ala khair – Goodnight


    Introducing yourself and asking for clarification:

    ما اسْمُك؟ - ma esmoka – What is your name?

    اِسْمِي أحمَد – esmi Ahmad - My name is Ahmad

    كَيْفَ حَالُكَ؟ - kayfa haaluka – How are you?

    أَنَا بِخَير – ama bi'khayer – I am fine

    مِنْ أيْنَ أنْتَ؟ - men ayna anta? – Where are you from?

    لَو سَمَحت – law samaht – Excuse me (to get someone’s attention)

    هَلْ تَتَحدثُ الإنجِلِيزية؟ - hal tata'hadatho al englijiyah? – Do you speak English?

    أنَا مُتَأسِف – ana muta'asif – I am sorry

    أَفهَم – afham – I understand

    أنَا لَم أفهَم – ana lam afham – I did not understand

    مَاذا قُلت؟ - matha' qulta? – What did you say?

    هَلْ يُمكِنُكَ التَحَدُث بِبُطء؟ - hal yunkinok a'tahaduth bi'but'? – Can you speak slowly?

    هَل يُمكِنُكَ إِعَادَة مَا قُلتَه؟ - hal yunkinok e'aa'dat ma qultah? – Can you repeat what you said?


    Basic and essential Arabic words:

    لَا - laa' – No

    نَعَم - na'am – Yes

    شُكْرًا – shukran – Thank you

    عَفوًا - a'fwan – You are welcome

    وَ – wa – And

    حَسَنًا – hasanan – Ok

    رُبَمَا – rubama – Maybe

    رَجَاءً - raja'an – Please

    عُذرًا - o'thran – Excuse me (when interrupting something)

    أَرْجُو المَعذِرَة – arjo al ma'thirah – Excuse or Pardon me

    هّذّا – hatha – This (masculine)

    هّذِه – hathih – This (Feminine)

    أَين - a'yn – Where?

    هُنَا – huna – Here

    هُنَاك – hunak - There

    مَتَى – mata – When?

    الآن – al aa'n – Now

    لَاحِقَا – lahiqan - Later

    كَم – kam – How many?

    لَكِن – lakin – But

    دَورَة مِياه – dawrat miyah – Bathroom/Toilet


    These words and phrases can be your survival kit when visiting an Arabic speaking country, they are what most Arabic lessons start with. Now, how can you optimize the basic knowledge you just gained?

    -      Learn the Arabic Alphabet (Al Abjadiyah)

    -      Listen to audios in Arabic to get familiar with the phonology of the Arabic language, learn more words and phrases and how they are used in context and shadow.

    -      Find yourself an easy-to-use Arabic-English dictionary and learn how to use it.

    -      Mix the words and phrases you learned! Even if you make mistakes, no worries, at beginner level no one is expecting you to have perfect grammar.

    Practice Arabic speaking, the more you practice especially with native-speakers, the more you will gain confidence in yourself and the knowledge you gained.

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    Mrs. Nasira Abul Hassan il y a 3 ans

    I want to speak with a lady in arabic so that she can correct if I do mistake.

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    Mohamed Essam Bakry il y a 3 ans


    We have 3-month courses (A1, A2, B1 and B2). No payments before the second session. Booking is from the link below

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