The best ways for E-learning Gulf Arabic language

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    Mohamed Essam Bakry il y a 2 ans

    Learning a language is never easy. Not everyone has the privilege to undergo face-to-face Arabic language courses, not to mention learning a specific Arabic language dialect such as Gulf Arabic.

    In the Arab world, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language. It is used in writing and in teaching Arabic. You might face difficulties finding real-life courses in Gulf Dialect.

    You might be lucky to find courses in real life that meet your needs, but you are too busy to go to classes, or its timing overlaps with your work hours!

    But don’t worry, we got you covered! We will introduce the options you have if you want to learn Gulf Arabic online:


    -       Online Gulf Arabic courses:

    There are lots of resources including websites which provide Gulf Arabic course online for free. For example, our website, Community of Babel, provides online Arabic content created by native-speakers which can help you cover and exercise both your reading and listening skills at once. There are other websites that focus more on beginner-level vocabulary, where others on conversations or mastering the language.

    -       Online private Gulf Arabic lessons:

    Having a private Gulf Arabic teacher will be helpful especially if you have a specific goal in your mind and felt like the available resources are not sufficient for you. Having a native-speaker teacher will be a great advantage to you. You can ask all sorts of questions and converse with them and practice your language without fearing being judged.


    -       Read Books in Gulf Arabic:

    Reading books in Gulf Arabic will help you expand your vocabulary, learn new phrases, familiarize yourself with the grammar and syntax of the Gulf Arabic language, and Gulf Dialect verb conjugation. Reading books work best when you memorize the words you encounter and understand how they are used in contexts other than what you read.


    -       Watch Videos and Listen to Audios in Gulf Dialect:

    While reading books in Gulf Dialect can help you get familiar with the words themselves, listening to audios will enhance your confidence to utilize the knowledge you gained. Once you hear the pronunciation and the tone used within the context, it will help you grasp the Arabic language even more. You can even learn new phrases you did not even know existed in the language


    -       Online Arabic dictionaries:

    Download bilingual (Arabic-English) applications and keep dictionary websites close. Search the word and its synonyms/antonyms the moment you face any word you are unfamiliar with. Of course, that won’t be enough. The next step is to search how this specific word is usually used and how to use it.


    -       Try to connect with locals in the Gulf region:

    It is the 21st century, we have lots of opportunities to connect and talk to people from all around the globe. No doubt that practicing the language in real-life situations is proved to be the most efficient way to learn it. Communicating with people from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait, depending on the variant you are interested in, will help you grasp how Gulf Arabic is used in daily life!

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