What is the fastest way to learn Arabic in 6 months or less?

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    Mohamed Essam Bakry 6 months ago

    The psychologist, linguist, and educator Chris Lonsdale and other linguistic experts have been discussing whether it is possible to learn a new language in approximately 6 months. Learning a new language like Arabic in half a year might sound like an impossible task, but they say otherwise! I will introduce some of Chris Lonsdale‘s guide of actions to speed up your language learning journey and link it specifically to how you can learn Arabic fast:


    Keep listening:

    If you are living in an Arabic speaking country, you are lucky! Whether you are in a waiting area, the street, or even around some colleagues and classmates who speak Arabic, keep listening. It doesn’t matter whether you understand what they say or not, just focus on the language patterns, pronunciation, tone, etc… Put your brain in a position where it will have to absorb the Arabic language, the more you listen the more you will be familiar with the Arabic language. 


    Try to get the meaning:

    Now that you have listened to people speaking Arabic or watched Arabic TV shows and movies, and have absorbed some knowledge of how the Arabic language operates, start focusing on what are the meanings behind what is said. Knowing the word would not be useful if you do not know the meaning, right? Start observing body language, facial expressions, and context to get by with understanding what you hear.



    I know few words and phrases, what is next? Mix them!

    If you observe how a child speaks for a bit, you will notice how they frequently manage to get their point across with minimum vocabulary with no consideration of grammar. Let’s say you know 25 Arabic words, this list includes verbs, nouns, and adjectives, try to mix them up, and use them in real-life situations without worrying about being “perfect.” You are still learning, it is your right to take your time and make mistakes to learn from them.



    Arabic language core:

    Learn the frequently used words in Arabic, not randomly, but what you find relevant and important to you personally. You can start by learning how to say “What does that mean?” “How can I say that?” “Excuse me, say that again” in their simplistic form. Next move to common words in Arabic and Arabic linking tools, and make sure to incorporate what you learn however you deem suitable to you. 


    Instead of memorizing, connect the words with images and feelings:

    Sometimes learning a word in Arabic and being exposed to it over and over again it not sufficient to memorize the word and use it correctly. Start associating Arabic words you learn with images in your head that express it, use a specific feeling that erupts with this specific word, link it to a situation where this word can be used. Employ your imagination and go wild, it will come in handy. 


    Get a tutor:

    One of the best ways to learn Arabic online is by finding a native tutor to guides throughout your Arabic language learning journey. Again, think of yourself as a child with no knowledge of how to express themselves using a language, you will need a “language parent” to teach you, correct your mistakes, motivate you, and give you feedback without you losing your confidence in your ability to master the Arabic language!

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