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    Mohamed Essam Bakry 1 year ago

    Some people believe that listening to Arabic audios is the best way to learn Arabic, as it enables you to learn and catch the basics of the language on the go. Imagine listening to Arabic audios made by native Arabic speakers every day when you drive to work, or as you sit in any waiting area, this method for example will save a lot of time and keep you occupied, don’t you find that convenient?

    This argument might be controversial, as when it comes to learning Arabic online, there are two types of skills to learn: Passive and Productive. Passive learning includes both listening and reading, as you are only on the receiving end, while Productive learning focuses on writing and speaking which requires you to take action.


    So, is it possible to learn Arabic online with Audio? 

    Yes. It might not be enough to reach native-speaking proficiency, however, it is a stepping stone to learn Arabic fast online. Passive learning can be easier to start with, especially if you have low to no knowledge about the Arabic language.

    Mastering and improving your listening skills can give you a foundation in learning the Arabic language, but listening cannot be achieved alone. It is called “passive” but you still need to have the ability to analyze and decode the content you are listening to. You need to be sharp while listening to the Arabic audio to get your way through the words and sentences. To make that easier and more efficient, some people accompany listening to audio in Arabic with reading the text they are listening to in Arabic, transcription, and translation to maximize what you gain from the audio. Community of Babel offers you Arabic lessons online, where you will find all that in addition to a list of vocabulary and grammatical analysis with each lesson. All audios and texts will be available for you to learn Arabic online for free. 


    Does my objective behind learning the Arabic language matter?

    Yes. Your objective might be to simply enjoy watching films, TV shows, or listening to podcast in Arabic, in that case, active listening to the Arabic language can be enough for you to enjoy and get the most of what you want to do with your knowledge. 

    However, if you are planning to travel to an Arabic speaking country and you have the desire to read and speak the language, you can start with listening and move up to reading and the two Productive learning skills.

    If you did not have time to be exposed to other Arabic language learning aspects, believe me, your listening skills might come in handy, how?

    You might find people who are on the same level as you. You both are skilled in listening but unable to communicate verbally. In such a case, you will be able to express yourselves using your native language, while being able to understand each other. Depending on your level, the conversation can go smoothly! 


    What should I listen to so I can learn Arabic online? 

    You might think about starting with shows directed to children or younger audiences, this might help you be familiarized with the basic words and how Arabic native speakers pronounce certain words. However, I suggest an online Arabic course that offers both audios and texts, such courses usually start with the Arabic language fundamentals like greetings and commonly used phrases. This way, not only you will improve your listening skills, but you gain a handful of useful vocabulary instead of searching for them yourself.

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