5 Economical Franchises You Can Start With $20,000 Or Less

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    Tim David 6 days ago

    Many people want the stability of working for a franchise but are worried about being able to come up with the large initial investment required to start a franchise. Thankfully, many new franchises are opening their doors to entrepreneurs who don't have six-figure cash reserves. The following top 5 economical franchises to start for under $20,000 have been ranked based on initial investments, growth potential and name recognition.


    You can franchise your business at any age or situation and with only $20,000 or less cash in your pocket, which is pretty reasonable by most standards.


    • Maid Simple

    Maid Simple is a house cleaning franchise that makes house cleaning simple. With innovative franchise support, a small investment, and easy job leads, you can easily start your own cleaning business for under $20K. Maid Simple's franchise-ready approach and training will ensure that you are on your way to owning your own successful cleaning business as soon as possible. (Starting costs: under $20K)


    • Java Dave’s Coffee

    When you're a mom-and-pop coffee shop, your success is pretty much based on the quality of your coffee. Many people assume that every name-brand alternative to Starbucks sells good quality drip coffee, but that's simply not the case. Even customers are more aware of how big brands often take shortcuts to reduce costs and keep prices low. 


    The goal of Java Dave's is to give you an opportunity to sell the best coffee beans in the world, offer outstanding customer service, and make enough profit to fuel your own ambitions! The best part - their license fee is only $499.95. (Starting costs: $499.95)


    • Dream Vacations

    Are you interested in earning extra money and building your own franchise? Then a Dream Vacations franchise may be right for you. Owning a Dream Vacations franchise can be extremely rewarding. There are no inventory costs, which means you have complete control over your working hours without risking substantial investment. It’s also a low-cost investment, so most small business owners can afford it. The sky's the limit! (Starting costs: $3,500)


    • Little Caesars Pizza

    There are a number of business aspects that Little Caesars has taken into consideration when developing their business. To begin with, they were able to establish themselves as a national chain through the development of good relationships with suppliers and unique strategies for delivering quality products to their customers. In essence, they focused on eliminating all potential barriers that may stand in the way of a customer being able to access high-quality products at reasonable prices. (Starting costs: $10K)


    • Jazzercise Inc

    This structured and branded exercise system has the option for you to teach within a Jazzercise center or as an independent contractor. The franchises are a great route if you love what you do and want to share a fun, effective and energizing form of exercise with others. (Starting costs: $9,000)


    Work With A Franchise Consulting Company

    Opening a franchise business is hard enough, but things get more complicated when you start to expand. Regardless of if you’re growing your company in the form of franchising or not, it’s never too early to start planning a solid strategy for success. Hiring a seasoned franchise consulting company such as FMS Consulting will ensure your business model is viable and help lead you down the road to expansion. The consultation fees are well worth the investment when you consider all that you stand to gain from a strong professional team behind your brand.


    Franchise advisory services can offer stability, long-term business viability, and peace of mind to potential franchisees. They can also provide an avenue for those who have an established business to diversify their offerings through the franchising model, which has the potential to unlock revenue streams they might not have realized were possible.

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