How to teach yourself gulf Arabic?

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    Mohamed Essam Bakry 1 year ago


    Teaching yourself gulf Arabic is something that you can achieve and it is not as hard as it sounds.


    There are several ways through which you can teach yourself gulf Arabic. You need to expose yourself to the language to be more familiar with the accent and to build up your vocabulary.


    The process of learning gulf Arabic consists of three main stages:


    Stage 1 is getting familiar with the main vocabulary provided by community of babel (or any other sources that interest you).

    Stage 2 is technically incorporating this vocabulary in your conversation

    Stage 3 is manifesting with all your communications according to those skills.


    Your enthusiasm is one of the most important factors to learn Gulf Arabic. Whether you need to use it at your workplace or your school in a gulf country, or simply being enthusiastic to learn about the gulf culture.


    Teach yourself gulf Arabic by listening to stories at community of babel to try to learn the pronunciation of each word then move onto the grammar section to learn how sentence structures are created and formed. Through a few simple steps you can teach yourself how to learn gulf Arabic you will be a gulf Arabic speaker in a reasonable amount of time. One of the many ways community of babel helps you to teach yourself gulf Arabic is providing an audio check to make sure that you learn the proper pronunciation and words correctly in addition to providing a vocabulary summary to memorize at the end of each lesson, by using the same words that were used in the story.


    Teach yourself gulf Arabic by clicking on the word in the text provided by community of babel. Now the world is open to lots of resources. You need to listen and repeat then you will understand what the native speakers are saying.


    just like a baby who doesn’t recognize but he immediately starts speaking after hearing the words and sentences. He/she becomes a native language speaker. Here at community of babel we focus on providing interesting interactive lessons by bringing stories and articles and adding our main 3 components which are vocabulary, lesson analysis, grammar explanations.


    We believe these are the best components that will help you teaching yourself Gulf Arabic. Interactive communication with native speakers is a key element for success. Even though teaching yourself standard Arabic is very helpful, learning the gulf dialect will be more efficient to help you start communicating with native speakers who will not probably talk to you in Standard Arabic.


    Here at the community of babel we focus on making sure that you can choose to learn the dialect that interests you to make the journey of learning Arabic easy and smooth as much as possible. We care about providing our enthusiastic language learners with a high-quality experience at the comfort of your home.


    We use modern-day technology to help you learn Arabic dialcets that’s why you can find different content in different subjects.


    We enjoy providing our learners with the lessons they need to excel in their journey. You can start learning Gulf Arabic now with us.


    Learn Gulf Arabic


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    Armand Glenn 4 months ago

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